How long does it take for my project to be completed?
That depends on multiple factors.
Do I have to use my client storage account, when you're working on my project?
Yes, many of our large emails have been blocked by email hosts. Your private client
storage account, similar to a google drive, solves email's from being blocked.

At anytime, you have login to your storage account, and view the progress
of your project.

What is your refund process?
1. Email us asking for a refund

2. Paypal, our credit card processor, has removed some of your payment in the
form of servicing fees.

3. We will initate an electronic tranfer of funds using Paypal, to your email account.
The length of the transfer varies based on various factors.

NOTE: That our refund policy only refunds 50% of monies paid. A 50%
non-refundable deposit agreement was signed prior to the commencement
of your project.
Is their a minimum order for any service offered by Angrand Dezigns?
Only the Image manipulation service. Image manipulation (photoshoping images),
has a minimum requirement of six images.
Does Angrand Dezigns collaborate with 501(c)(3) non-profit agencies?
On your site I noticed, "Website Design / Website Management" what does that mean?
The easiest way to describe the difference between the two is:

A Web Designer creates the "front end" of a website. The parts of a website that
the public can interact with.

A Web manager, manages the "back end" of a website: Programming
Ruby on Rails, SQL Database management, Cron jobs, etc.
Do you charge a residual fee for using the logo created by Angrand Dezigns?
No we do not have any form of residual fees associated with the creation of your logo.
After the complete payment for services rendered, your logo is YOUR logo.
Why do you have, "anonymous / private client" on some images?
Those are photographers that do not want to be mentioned.